The story behind ngfdesign.

I used to live on an old farm in Wisconsin. I always wanted to get a bunch of goats and name it the No-Goat Farm, mostly because I found that funny. I especially wanted the fainting goats, they make me smile even more. Alas, it was not meant to be. Eventually I moved to Texas, starting a pattern reference library along the way and named the site after my non-existent farm. You can check it out here at Today I’m selling some of the things I draw from my online store with the name of ngfdesign. I hope you enjoy my stuff! 

The story behind the titles.

Everything I draw is initialed, dated, and most are titled after songs.  I write on the back the name of the song that was playing when I finished the drawing. I always have music playing when I work and I love being able to look back at what I was listening to over the years. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to introduce you to something new you like. I have a Spotify playlist and a YouTube video playlist of all the songs that have become names if you want to check it out